Monika Naceva(b. 1966)

Monika left home to join the theatre at 16 after failing to get in to the theatre school in Prague. She still plays regularly and is especially well known for her role in the Vaclav Havel play Mlyny with the cult theatre group Sklep, with whom she also appears in their performance about Franz Kafka.

She recorded her first album Moznosti tu sou with renowned guitarist Michal Pavlicek in 1994. It was a big hit and the Naceva project was born.

The second album, Nebe je Rudy, more trip hop than rock and produced by an up and coming Jan Muchov (Ecstasy of St Theres) came out in 1996. An important record at the time it was nominated for the Czech grammys and won one for the video clip of the track Mesic.

The name of Naceva will be forever linked with that of novelist and journalist Jachym Topol with whom she has collaborated lyrically to great acclaim on most of her songs over the years. The title of the second album was originally to be the title of Topol's classic early novel Andel (Angel) and the two pieces are weirdly and closely entwined.

Naceva parted company with the mainstream in 1996 with the album Mimoid. Produced by then local Englishman Gus Fernald (My Toys Like Me) and much more daring and electronic, and darker, it is probably the strangest CD so far released by Sony in the Czech Republic and likely to stay that way.

Fontanela followed a period of maternity leave and one-off or unrealised projects in 2001. Another change of style and concerning birth and rebirthing mostly, it was beautifully produced by Lada Pecha but unfortunately also marked a parting of the ways for the long time collaborators.

Six years later a meeting with the still reigning guitar king Pavlicek at his induction to the Czech Rock Hall of Fame led to a the release of Mami in 2007. Monika was already working with an (also still reigning champ) top turntablist from Brno, DJ Five, and the three of them “create a space to hide; they allow you to stop, to close your eyes, to listen, to think of nothing and everything simutaneously,said And they said it's „beautiful“and „fantastically strong and fierce.”Originally released on the front cover of Respekt magazine, Mami also features Monika's first collaboration with ace UK producer and friend of the family Tim Wright who was involved with two of the tracks..

Further collaborations with Tim via the internet and in the marvellous music studios of York University have now brought us The Sick Rose. It's a post vernacular fusion of ultra modern programming, classic synths, stocastic controlled randomness and the words of well and little known Czech decadent poets. It's beautiful and menacing and it's release is planned to coincide with the opening of Decadence Now - a major international exhibition of contemporary decadent art to be held in Prague from September 2010 and following on from the hugely successful Decadence - In Morbid Colours exhibition, for which Monika also produced a limited 12vinyl record with artist David Cajthaml. Live concerts in select venues are sure to follow.

As well as her theatre performances with Slkep and the Second Hand Women group, Monika currently plays regularly with Michal Pavlicek and local English guitarist Justin Lavash, and less frequently though no less impressivley with Pavlicek and DJ Five. She has also recently performed a very few concerts as part of the legendary DG307 project.